Cyber Humanum Est

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The 3rd edition of the CTF / War Game exercise will take place from February 6-9, 2023, including a recruitment forum on cybersecurity and the announcement of awards to winners on February 10, 2023. With more than 130 participants, Cyber Humanum Est targets students coming from engineering schools (Mines Nancy, TELECOM Nancy, Polytech Nancy), the faculty of science and technology (FST, Nancy), the faculty of social sciences and humanities (SHS, Nancy), and the university institute of technology (IUT Nancy Brabois). This event is organized by the Defense Base of Nancy and Lorraine INP, under the umbrella of the Cyberdefense Command (COMCYBER) of the French Ministry of Armed Forces and the University of Lorraine.

The Event

Based on an original scenario, the exercise requires several hundred days of preparation and the involvement of more than 130 persons (organizers and participants). It relies on three fictive countries with embassies, tactical command posts, operators of vital importance, newspaper companies, and social networks.


French Ministry of Armed Forces (Ministère des Armées):
Blandan Barrack (Caserne Blandan),
Defense Base of Nancy

Lorraine INP:
Polytech Nancy, TELECOM Nancy, Mines Nancy

Metropolis of Nancy, City of Nancy:
Government Palace (Palais du Gouvernement), Carriere Plaza (Place Carrière)

Scenario and Objectives

Due to the global warming, in the archipelago of Maladives, the island of Les Riverchelles has known a whole collapse of its tourism-based economy. The recent discovery of mineral resources could preserve the island from the bankruptcy. Two neighboring countries, Cryptanga and Anumeric, are in competition to acquire the exploitation license.

The conflict is unavoidable!


Military Reservists

School of Mines Nancy 3A - "Specialized Master on Cyber"

TELECOM Nancy 3A - Specialization on Cyber-Security "Internet Systems and Security"

Polytech Nancy 3A - "Computer Science, Automatic Control, Robotics and Networking"

Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of Nancy - "Master 2 SIRAV"

IUT Nancy Brabois - Professional License "Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense"

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (UFR SHS) of Nancy


Partners 2023

Cyber Humanum Est

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